Tech & Design

Earthrise builds data infrastructure to support partners in education, journalism & civic action.

Our objective is to enhance and accelerate the work of our partner organizations using cutting edge technology. Our algorithm developers have taught the NASA quantum computer to ‘see’ trees from satellite imagery and built the first versions of Global Forest Watch to monitor deforestation from satellite imagery. The Earthrise tech team includes Rhodes Scholars, Presidential Innovation Fellows, and developers that have led the data science practice at large organizations.


Every day, between one and two thousand local stories can be corroborated or illustrated with satellite imagery. Currently, just a handful of stories rely on satellite imagery each day. The potential is not realized because, until now, the cost of finding the right image for the right story was prohibitively expensive.

The Earthrise Newswire is a web service application programming interface (API) that surfaces around 1,000 stories each day that can be told with available satellite imagery. Our deep learning algorithm geolocates, categorizes, and tags hundreds of thousands of stories from traditional and social media to find those that can be enhanced with Earth observation. Contact us if you are interested in using this service.

Satellite IMAge Processing for Visual display

Imagery of the Earth’s surface is a patchwork of scenes, collected by dozens of satellite image providers globally. Earthrise produces the imagery into content that can be interpreted by the average news reader. Our process is a tight loop between human and computer to create content that lands — trustworthy, compelling content about our environment.

Application development

Earthrise designs and builds mobile and web applications to deliver Earth information to as many people as possible. The unique combination of data science, UI/UX design, and experience in environmental conservation yield a set of front- and back-end applications that directly support positive climate action.

A notable example is a mobile application that we are developing alongside National Geographic and The Tech Museum of Innovation to deliver satellite imagery to young students. See the education section for more information.

Data Science

The environment needs a good data scientist. Data science is the practice of identifying and communicating patterns from within data, it is storytelling that relies on numbers. Politics has data science, it’s published as FiveThirtyEight.