Our Work

Earthrise Alliance incubates policies and technologies to fully utilize satellite data to address climate change. 

In just the last ten years, there has been an exponential proliferation of frequently refreshed high-resolution satellite imagery and other Earth science data. While this meant more data and satellite imagery are being collected, there is still a significant gap in the utilization of this information. Earthrise is working to use this data to stimulate positive action by delivering trustworthy, compelling and actionable content on issues related to climate change.



Earthrise develops and supports policies that fully access and utilize satellite data to both mitigate climate change and adapt to its effects. We advance policies to coordinate, standardize and distribute Earth Science data that can facilitate more sophisticated modeling and applications to better inform decision makers.




Earthrise Alliance builds data infrastructure to support partners in fields such as education, journalism & civic action.

Our objective is to enhance and accelerate the work of our partner organizations using cutting edge technology. Our algorithm developers have taught the NASA quantum computer to ‘see’ trees from satellite imagery and built the first versions of Global Forest Watch to monitor deforestation from satellite imagery. The Earthrise Alliance technical team includes Rhodes Scholars, Presidential Innovation Fellows, and developers who have led the data science practice at large organizations.




Thousands of media stories could be corroborated or illustrated every day with satellite imagery. Currently, only a handful rely on satellite imagery because the cost of finding the right image for the right story has been prohibitively expensive. Until now.

The Earthrise Newswire is a web service application programming interface (API) that geolocates, categorizes, and tags hundreds of thousands of stories from traditional and social media to find those that can be enhanced with Earth observation. Contact us if you are interested in using this service.




Earth observation is a valuable and underutilized tool in the classroom, especially for young students. The Earthrise Alliance works with partners like National Geographic and The Tech Museum of Innovation to curate content that delivers on science standards.